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Here's a list of ongoing weekly group and shop rides in Charleston, SC.  Enjoy cycling the lowcountry and remember that helmets are required on all rides.  It is highly recommended to bring a properly working bike for the ride; spare tubes, tools, and food in the case that you are stranded alone.  It is also suggested to carry an ID and emergency contact information.  Ride changes will be published to our best abilities but be sure to contact the ride leader with any questions unanswered below.



Tuesday Night Smack Down

CBC Tuesday Night Cake Ride


Barn Jam Ride

Urban Mt Bike Ride from Tradesman Brewing


Ride Bikes Beer Ride

  • Map to Ride Bikes West Ashley

  • Link to route page

  • Start Time: 6:30 PM

  • Miles: 20

  • Ride Type: No drop; casual.

  • Pace: varies depending on ability. Ride fast or slow.

  • Contact:

  • This ride has a casual feeling and you're encouraged to ride at whatever pace you desire. Ride uses the West Ashley Bikeway and Greenway so you are free from cars for 95% of the ride. The Greenway is a mixed terrain riding surface: 5 miles of paved black top, 2 miles of hard packed dirt. Road bikes will be fine but you'll see people riding anything from hybrids to Mt Bikes. Hanging out at the shop post ride and meeting new friends is encouraged.



Trek A Ride: 

  • Map to Trek Store Mt Pleasant

  • Ride Video

  • Link to route page

  • Start Time: 8:00 AM

  • Miles: 54.2

  • Ride Type: Road; Fast; Pace Line.

  • Pace: 24-30+ Spring/Summer; 22-26 Fall/Winter.

  • Contact:

  • This is a "race pace" ride during the racing season so expect a fast tempo with attacks. Ride changes directions each week and the normal regroup point is the boat landing at the intersection of Cainhoy Road and Highway 41. Bring enough food for the whole ride because the store stop is close to the end of the ride.

CBC Saturday Morning (Sc)ramble:

Trek B Ride

  • Map to Trek Store Mt Pleasant

  • Link to route map page.

  • Start Time: 8:05 AM

  • Miles: 50

  • Ride Type: Road; Pace Line.

  • Pace: 20-25 Spring/Summer; 19-22 Fall/Winter.

  • Contact: John Imholz

  • This is a steady road ride which features rotating pace lines and seasoned riders. Regroups twice; bring enough food for the whole ride because the store stop is close to the end of the ride.

Coastal Cyclists Folly Ride

  • Map to Gold's Gym Folly Road (starting point)

  • Start Time: 9 AM December through March; 8 AM April through November.

  • Miles: 40

  • Ride Type: Road; Pace Line.

  • Pace: 22-24 year round.

  • Contact: Phil Whirley

  • This is a steady ride that likes to sprint at designated areas. The ride regroups after the sprints. Expect a stop on Folly Beach to refill bottles and regroup before heading back to the Gold's Gym parking lot.


Mercantile & Mash Sunday Ride

  • Map to Merc and Mash Downtown (starting point)

  • Start Time: 8:30 AM

  • Miles: 60

  • Ride Type: Road; Pace line; drop ride.

  • Pace: 24-30+

  • Route Mape (link)

  • This is a fast ride in a small group; expect to pull your weight and be attacked. Regroups after sprints but is still a drop ride. There's a store stop around mile 40, so make sure to bring enough food to last the ride.

Single Track Sunday