Charleston Road Cycling Routes: these are routes I enjoy riding and would recommend them to friends. These are public roads so ride at your own risk, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.

Hampton Park (1 mile):  This is the first route on the list because it is the central point of Charleston Cycling.  Many rides will begin and end at Hampton Park.  The road around the park is exactly 1 mile so it is easy to do laps at a decent tempo without stopping.  

  • Click here for the Strava route.

  • Description: Hampton park is an old horse racing track that was paved over and opened for cars; a bike lane was added in 2014. This is a great place to ride endlessly without stopping but please be cautious of pedestrians and cars.

  • Food and drink: there’s a water fountain adjacent to the duck pond and another water fountain near the Cleveland Street Gazebo. Nearby restaurants are Moe’s Crosstown Tavern; Park Cafe; Uneeda Sicilian Pizza; Huriyali cafe; Renzo Pizza; and Harold’s Cabin.

  • Restrooms: a men’s and women’s room can be found across from the main parking lot at 10th Avenue.

 Cooper River Bridge and Patriot’s Point (11.4 miles)

  • Click here for Strava route.

  • Description: “The Bridge” is the Charleston hill that breaks up the monotony of riding on flat land and offers a 360 degree view of the Low country. Patriot’s point is a safe loop on the Mt Pleasant side of the bridge that also has beautiful views of the Charleston Harbor.

  • Food and drink: there are restraurants in Patriot’s Point and a small cafe at the entrance to the pier under the bridge. Water fountains are located at the bottom of each side of the bridge.

  • Restrooms: located under the bridge at the entrance to the pier.

 Hampton Park to Old Village Pitt Street Bridge (16.5 miles)

  • Click here for Strava route.

  • Description: Ride the Cooper River Bridge and past Shem Creek to the Old Village in Mt Pleasant and cruise around “old Mt Pleasant” to the Pitt Street Bridge; ride to the end of streets in the Old Village for views of the Charleston Harbor. The Pitt Street Bridge originally connected to Sullivan’s Island but is now a fishing and recreation pier.

  • Food and drink: Nico (French) and The Shelter (American bar fare) are the most accessible restaurants on this route but you can also pull into Vickery’s or another restaurant on Shem Creek.

  • Restrooms: located under the bridge at the entrance to the pier.

 Downtown to Sullivan’s Island Loop (27 miles)

  • Click here for Strava route

  • Description: this is a great 1-2 hour ride that takes you out to the beach. You can ride right onto the sand at Breach Inlet if that’s what you’re into but I suggest taking in the sights and then heading back to town or out to Isle of Palms.

  • Food and drink: Sullivan’s Island has a gas station and a vibrant restaurant scene. Find pizza at the 450 Pizza Joint; Barbecue at Home Team; and burgers at Poe’s Tavern.

  • Restrooms: you can use the bathroom at the gas station or use the bathroom at the pier under the Cooper River Bridge.

 Hampton Park to Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms (38.5 miles)

  • Click here for Strava route

  • Description: this is a 2-3 hour ride and you’ll get plenty of beach scenery. This is the classic weekly ride for many Charleston cyclists, riding the bridge, past Shem Creek, through the Old Village, Sullivan’s Island, you get to experience most of the beauty Charleston offers.

  • Food and drink: the world is your oyster on this route, there are many place to eat or drink if you’re hungry. There is a water fill station on Isle of Palms located in front of the water and sewer commission, next to the BP. I suggest getting to the Isle of Palms Marina Variety Store (located at the end of 41st Ave) for breakfast and ordering an egg biscuit.

  • Restrooms: located at the Marina Variety Store and under the bridge at the entrance to the pier.

Chisolm Road John’s Island Loop (40.6 miles)

  • Click here for Strava route 

  • Description: Use the sidewalk on the side of the West Ashley Bridge to cross the Ashley River then head over to the West Ashley Greenway for a 7 mile mixed terrain, mixed used path out to John’s Island. You’ve got to hop on the road to ride over the Stono River bridge but there’s a wide shoulder that allows you some space. Chisolm Road is a 10 mile road that is shaped like a horse-shoe, starting and ending on Main Road.

  • Food and drink: the gas station at the corner of Main and River Roads has everything you need for refreshments. There’s a bottle fill station on the Greenway at Campbell Drive. Normandy Farms bakery in the South Windermere shopping center has coffee and baked goods.

  • Restrooms: you can use the bathroom in the gas station at Main and River Road.

 Big Kid Loop (95-110 miles)

Description: The Big Kid Loop is a right of passage into Charleston Cycling. Riding the BKL is a great accomplishment because there is no turn back point on this loop and once you commit then you have no options. Starting downtown, ride through “The Neck” and old North Charleston to Hanahan, Goose Creek and eventually Moncks Corner. You cross the canal in Moncks corner and begin your trek back to downtown through the Francis Marion National Forest and Mt Pleasant.

Food and drink: I prefer waiting on stopping until the Sunoco on Highway 52 in Moncks Corner (right when you get on Hwy 52 just before the canal) at about mile 38. This gas station stop is essential because you will not see another fill up station again until you get back to Mt Pleasant (there’s a store in Huger at Steed Creek Road and Hwy 41 but you can’t count on it being open). Once you’re back to Mt Pleasant you can hit the Seewee Outpost if riding Variation 2 or the Plus route; if you’re riding the basic or variation 1 route then there’s a gas station on Park West Blvd immediately after crossing Hwy 17.

Links to route maps:

Saturday Trek Mt Pleasant (54.2 miles)

Thursday Night Ride Bikes Ride (20.3 miles) Paved and Gravel

CBC Tuesday Night Ride (35.2 miles)

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